28 Too Many could not do our work without our supporters and volunteers. Fundraising helps us make a diference to the lives of millions of girls and women worldwide.

There are lots of way to get involved from doing a sponsored run, organising a cake sale or holding a party for 28 Too Many.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a fundraising event with us.

Please email us if you are doing a sponsored event for 28 Too Many and would like us to post details here.


Previous Challenges 

Brighton Marathon on 17th April 2016

Claudine completed the Brighton Marathon and raised over £1,000 for our work against FGM. It was her first marathon event and her tremendous effort will help save girls from being cut.

Great North Run on 13th September 2015

Joanne McGarey ran the Great North Run to help our work to end FGM. Joane is passionate about women's rights and helping people. 

Learning to play the cello to end FGM

Anna France-Williams undertook an unusual challenge and raised over £1,000 by learning to play the cello. She also did this to inspire her children that they can turn their dreams into reality and that your passions can fuse with a greater purpose. 

Run Hackney Half Marathon on 10th May 2015

James Maclaine ran through the London Borough off Hackney and iconic Queen Elizabeth Park to help our work to FGM. 

Brighton Marathon on 12th April 2015

Inspired by our work to end FGM supporters Jason Kirk and Sara Guy completed the Brighton Manathon for 28 Too Many and together raised over £1,800. On and sunny but cool day, Sara and Jason both put in an amazing effort to help our work to end FGM and create a world where all girls and women live free from FGM. 

Nia's Spin Challenge on 24th January 2015

28 Too Many supporter Nia Dowd started 2015 in a spin! She completed a marathon 12 hour non-stop session on a spin bike to help raise awarenss of FGM. Nia raised over £1,200 and you can find out more about her challenge on her blog

Sam's Walk Home on 5th December 2014

On Friday 5th December 2014, Sam Barlow, walked home from work. This howeever was an epic 60 mile non-stop walk that took over 28 hours! Supported by a great team of friends Sam raised over £2,500 to help our work against FGM. 

Run Hackney Half Marathon on 22nd June 2014

Esther Marshall ran through the streets of Hackney on 22nd June as she took part in the Run Hackney half marathon. 

Bristol 10k on 11th May 2014

Thanks to Kat and Ben for running the Bristol 10k to help us end FGM.  "While we don't love running, we love the idea of women and girls living free from violence and fear," explained Kat as they prepared for their challenge. 

British 10k London Run on 14th July 2013 

Congratulations and thanks to Ann-Marie and Angela who successfully ran 10k on a hot sunny day recording personal best times. They raised over £1,000 to help protect girls from FGM. Wonderful!

Wolf Run 7th and 8th September 2013

Belinda and Ann-Marie got very, very muddy over this challenging 10k wild running course, but kept smiling and raised over £600 for 28 Too Many. Many thanks for such a great effort. 


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