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What changes are taking place in FGM in Tanzania? Guest blog by a 28 Too Many researcher

23 December 2013 General FGM

During August and September 2013 Gosbert Lwentaro, a researcher based in Dar es Salaam undertook research on FGM in Tanzania for 28 Too Many. His research included meetings and community group discussions in Arusha and Moshi and in this blog he shares some of the findings which show how FGM is changing in Tanzania.

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How can we talk about FGM in a culturally sensitive and progressive way? Guest blog by Diya Mukarji

16 December 2013 General FGM

An interesting and thoughtful blog by Diya Mukarji, a post-colonial feminist and anti-FGM campaigner. In this piece Diya explores how we can discuss a difficult topic like FGM in a culturally sensitive and progressive way which does not hinder efforts to end the practice.

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Fighting against FGM and for Human Rights in Tanzania - Blog by Louise Robertson, Communications and Campaigns Manager, 28 Too Many

10 December 2013 General FGM

As we celebrate Human Rights Day 2013, we share a story of a brave woman in Tanzania urging others to abandon the harmful traditional practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

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28 Too Many Celebrate International Volunteer Day 2013 - guest blog by volunteer Alison Glennie

05 December 2013 General FGM

On International Volunteers Day 2013, 28 Too Many communications volunteer Alison Glennie explains why volunteering is important and how it changes the lives of the volunteers as well the people they help.

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“The Cruel Cut” – a review of the groundbreaking documentary on FGM by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen

29 November 2013 FGM in the media

28 Too Many volunteer Vivien writes about The Cruel Cut. A new documentary about FGM in the UK shown on Channel 4 television on the 6th November 2013. The film follows Leyla Hussein, an FGM survivor who now campaigns to end the practice, support survivors and protect other girls from having to face the often devastating consequences of FGM.

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Female Genital Mutilation: Just a Women's Issue? - guest blog by Winnie Cheung

25 November 2013 General FGM

28 Too Many volunteer Winnie Cheung discusses the campaign against FGM in the UK and what impact the attitude that this is a "women's issue" has on progress to end the practice.

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Challenging sexist and racist music videos

18 November 2013 Violence against women

On Monday 11 November, a new campaign called ‘Rewind & Reframe was launched. The campaign sees women denouncing sexism and racism in many music videos and urging the media, music industry and the Government to address it. 28 Too Many volunteer Atiyah Wazir attended the launch event and reports on some timely topics.

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Are governments failing women and girls at risk of violence? Guest blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Ruth Samuels

12 November 2013 Violence against women

Inspired by a recent event led by UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Rashida Manjoo, and guest speaker Marai Larasi from EVAW and Imkaan, 28 Too many volunteer Ruth Samuels explores why governments should be taking more action against gender based violence.

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"I will not be cut! You will not cut me!" - a blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen reviewing the film "I will never be cut"

06 November 2013 FGM in the media

28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen reviews the film "I will never be cut" by The Guardian Global Development, which looks at FGM in Kenya and highlights how girls and campaigners are trying to change attitudes and end this cruel practice.

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"Look Again" exhibition highlights worldwide violence against women - blog by 28 Too Many research volunteer Lisa Glass

30 October 2013 Violence against women

The launch of the ‘Look Again’ photo exhibition took place on Thursday 24 October at the Salvation Army’s International Headquarters in London. The exhibition was organised by Restored, an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. 28 Too Many Executive Director, Ann-Marie Wilson and research volunteers, Lisa and Ruth, were all delighted to attend the launch and shares ideas and stories with others campaigning to end violence against women and girls.

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Violence against women and girls in India - guest blog by Lilli Loveday

24 October 2013 Violence against women

28 Too Many volunteer Lilli Loveday takes a look at the shocking levels of violence against women and girls in India after attending a UN Women talk and hearing the work of the ICS programme in India which provides volunteer opportunities for young people on development projects.

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Navigating the world of publicity: a challenge for anti-FGM campaigners - guest blog by Marianna Ryan

16 October 2013 FGM in the media

A blog by 28 Too Many supporter Marianna Ryan for Blog Action Day 2013. In this blog Marianna discusses the challenges faced by campaigners in communicating and engaging audiences whilst staying true to their values and respecting the causes they represent. This is a particularly difficult for anti-FGM and other campaigners who want to promote respect for human rights and protect the dignity of those affected by violations of their rights whilst dealing with very sensitive issues which can easily lead to shocking messages.

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A commitment to change: why it is important to provide asylum to those at risk of FGM - guest blog by Vivien Cohen

09 October 2013 General FGM

A new blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen looking at FGM and asylum makes a powerful case for why those seeking protection from FGM should be offered safety.

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Painful Truth Poem: A blog and poem on FGM for National Poetry Day 2013

03 October 2013 General FGM

On National Poetry Day (UK) 2013 we share a powerful and moving poem written by a Somali FGM survivor.

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28 Too Many Country Profiles: What they tell us about FGM - blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Alison Glennie

26 September 2013 Research

A blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Alison Glennie on the conclusions from 28 Too Many's first 2 country profile reports and the lessons that we can learn from experiences in Kenya and Uganda for programmes to end FGM across Africa.

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For Every Mother: Saving Lives in Burkina Faso

13 September 2013 Health

A new blog by Dr Sophia Webster as she visits the maternity ward in a hospital in Burkina Faso during her epic Flight for Every Mother journey to promote maternal health across Africa. Flying a plane, negotiating border crossings, delivering babies and saving lives are all in day's work for this inspirational doctor!

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Summer Update from 28 Too Many Executive Director Ann-Marie Wilson

04 September 2013 Quarterly Updates

As we all return from our summer holidays, our latest blog is a round up of the last four months at 28 Too Many from Executive Director Ann-Marie Wilson.

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Questions about FGM: Blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Alison Glennie

28 August 2013 General FGM

Following a recent talk on FGM at a Galactic Orchids meeting, 28 Too Many communications volunteers interviews Ann-Marie Wilson about the talk and asks some of the challenging questions about FGM.

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Flight for Every Mother: The journey begins

13 August 2013 General FGM

A blog by 28 Too Many Operations Co-ordinator Louise Robertson on Flight for Every Mother - an exciting and challenging journey across Africa by Obstetrician Dr Sophia Wesbter. Flying a small plane, Sophia will be visiting 25 African countries delivering medical supplies and training to improve maternal health and to tackle issues like FGM, early marriage and lack of basic medical support which can save thousands of lives each year.

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Interview with Ann-Marie Wilson by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen

07 August 2013 General FGM

Our latest guest blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen is an interview with Ann-Marie Wilson on 28 Too Many's achievements over the last year and what is coming up next.

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To Care, Comfort and Safeguard our Children: Guest blog by Amanda Epe

31 July 2013 Health

A new guest blog by Amanda Epe, one of 28 Too Many's Health Education Volunteers, reflecting on the role of midwives and other professionals and how they can help safeguard girls from FGM.

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What are you doing this summer? A guest blog by a 28 Too Many volunteer

23 July 2013 General FGM

A new blog by one of our team of volunteer campaigners on the summer "cutting season", when the risk of FGM dramatically rises for young girls during the long schools holidays.

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FGM in Uganda - Blog by Johanna Waritay, 28 Too Many Research Coordinator

16 July 2013 Research

A blog by 28 Too Many Research Coordinator Johanna Waritay about our new country profile on FGM in Uganda. Although the overall rate of FGM is low in Uganda the practice is still deeply entrenched in some areas and there are still many challenges to overcome before FGM is eradicated in Uganda.

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FGM: Not just something that happens to other people - a guest blog by Tallulah Staple

10 July 2013 General FGM

A guest blog by Tallulah Staple, a student in London, about how she was inspired to research FGM and raise awareness via a podcast.

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An award-winning film and top expert shed light on the hidden world of FGM

02 July 2013 General FGM

A guest blog by Jess Frampton, member of the London Committee for the UK National Committee for UN Women about how an award-winning film and one of the country’s top experts shed light on the hidden world of FGM.

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Cutting the Rose: a guest blog by Amanda Epe Health 28 Too Many Volunteer, trainer/coach and writer/activist against FGM

25 June 2013 General FGM

A personal account of how a father's story about FGM sowed a seed for one women to become a campaigner against this harmful practice.

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Spring update from 28 Too Many Executive Director, Ann-Marie Wilson

19 June 2013 Quarterly Updates

Catch up on the action packed last three months and the progreess being made in our work to end FGM with the latest quarterly update from 28 Too Many Executive Director, Ann-Marie Wilson

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A life changing year researching FGM in Kenya and Uganda. Blog by 28 Too Many researcher Kelly Denise

12 June 2013 Research

I have had the privilege of working full time with 28 Too Many for about a year and it has been amazing. The people, the vision and the work have been inspiring. Being a part of a young organisation from the beginning has been an incredible experience as we navigate through the vision in real life and learn from our mistakes as well as seek advice from those who have been working in this field before us.

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There is hope: a review of the film "The Day I Will Never Forget" by 28 Too Many supporter Helen Harwood

04 June 2013 FGM in the media

A review of "The Day I Will Never Forget", a powerful documentary by acclaimed film maker Kim Longinotto follows a number of women in Kenya around the theme of female genital mutilation (FGM).

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FGM in Kenya: What does our new report reveal and how can country profiles help eradicate female genital mutilation? Blog by Katherine Allen, Research Intern and co-author of FGM in Kenya

21 May 2013 Research

28 Too Many has released its first country profile report on FGM in Kenya. This information resource is freely available on our website and is intended to provide consolidated and objective information on female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, and on national efforts to eradicate the practice.

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Is education the most powerful weapon in the fight against FGM? Blog by Louise Robertson, Operations Coordinator at 28 Too Many

14 May 2013 General FGM

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I was reminded of this quote by the striking fact that only 19% of Kenya girls who have secondary level education undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) compared to an alarming 54% of girls who do not get a school education.

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What is the impact of the increasing trend for the medicalistion of female genital mutilation (FGM)? Guest blog by Laura McKeever, studying Medical Science and Humanities at Swansea University

09 May 2013 Health

In 2012 significant advances were made in the battle against FGM as the United Nations prepared the first-ever draft resolution against the practice. In addition to this, some nations decided to abandon the practice - most notably Somalia included a ban on FGM in its new constitution. While progress has been made, push back has arrived.

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Peers speak out against FGM in the House of Lords: How you can use your voice too? Guest blog by Megan Rowland, Volunteer at HART UK

07 May 2013 Politics

Nearly 30 years ago the British government passed the Prohibition of Female Circumcision Bill, outlawing this practice in the UK. Since then, the FGM Act 2003 had made FGM illegal in the UK. Last Monday (22/04/13), amidst the glitter and glamour of the Lord’s debating chamber, FGM was back on the agenda, as over 200 Peers and visitors listened attentively.

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What are the realities of FGM today? Examined within the framework of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). Guest blog by Meti Tadesse, 28 Too Many Health Volunteer

26 April 2013 Research

In our world today, individuals’ right to participate in their culture and freedom of religion is protected by law. What appears to be difficult to enshrine by law, however, is the right for an individual girl to ‘opt out of certain cultural practices’ which are now at best considered as ‘challenging’ and have clearly been identified as ‘harmful’ to the individual’s development and psychosocial wellbeing.

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FGM in the UK as portrayed on ‘Casualty’ – how this helps? Guest blog by Christine Ashley, Volunteer Counsellor, Childline

18 April 2013 FGM in the media

I cannot believe that I had not realised the full extent of FGM until the 28th January 2013! Being a Volunteer Counsellor for Childline we are very privileged to be allowed to attend different talks/workshops and FGM was the topic of one of the many talks I attended. Ann-Marie Wilson, Director of 28 Too Many

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Considering an approach to effectively addressing FGM* in the Diaspora, Guest Blog Lilli Loveday, 28 Too Many Research Volunteer

11 April 2013 Research

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a major concern in the UK, with an estimated 30,000 girls under the age of 15 at risk of undergoing the practice (Forward, 2007). Despite legislation illegalising both the practice of FGM on UK nationals or permanent residents whilst overseas and the practice on any individual (irrespective of their nationality

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In so many parts of the world, women are treated as second class citizens. What could the future look like for gender equality in the global community? Guest Blog by Sara Abdul Rahim, Masters student

28 March 2013 General FGM

The stark reality is, that in many parts of the world today women are denied access to pivotal rights for the mere fact of being female. Thereby women settle into second class status in their own homelands and, generations of young girls are raised as witnesses to the burden of their gender. It’s a cyclical

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After VDay and CSW, how can we end violence against women? Guest blog by Mahdieh Madannezhad, student at the Shahid Beheshti University, Iran.

19 March 2013 Violence against women

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is defined by World Health Organisation (WHO) as all procedures that intentionally alter and ncause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. It is performed on young females with the purpose of protecting their virginity until marriage. FGM is recognised internationally as a violation of human rights of girls

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Reflections on One Billion Rising 14 Feb 2013. Blog by Louise Robertson, 28 Too Many’s Operations Coordinator

14 March 2013 Violence against women

On 14th February the 28 Too Many team took to the streets of London to participate in a number of One Billion Rising in the UK (OBRUK) events taking place across thecapital. Rather than provide an account of the day which has already been well documented in many blogs, on FaceBook/Twitter and in some brilliant

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CSW – What’s it all about? Find out as 28 Too Many presents at the UN CSW with the UN in New York. Blog by Ann-Marie Wilson, 28 Too Many Executive Director

05 March 2013

One aspect I find exciting and challenging about my journey into the world of aid is its love of jargon!  I guess business and psychology, my previous careers, also had their fill of three letter acronyms, but the aid world seems to love them even more.  My latest preoccupation is with two: taking FGM (female

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FGM in the UK – a case for renewed optimism? Guest Blog by Marianna Ryan, 28 Too Many Social Media Volunteer

28 February 2013 General FGM

It is sobering that over 20,000 young girls and women are at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) each year in the UK- a developed nation with a commitment to human rights, as well as a comprehensive child protection framework. More worrying is that this statistic is, at best, an educated estimate, since FGM often

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What are the origins and reasons for FGM? Blog by 28 Too Many’s Research Coordinator

19 February 2013 Research

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a harmful traditional practice that involves the cutting or removal of the external genitals. It is typically found in traditional group or community cultures with patriarchal social structures. The reasons for the practice are complex and the origins are often lost in the mists of time. What is clear, however, is that FGM is a manifestation of deeply entrenched gender inequality, a fact recognised by the WHO.

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What is the point of a day to mark zero tolerance to FGM? Blog by Ann-Marie Wilson, Executive Director

12 February 2013 General FGM

We had a successful media campaign last week with blogs in the Huff Post  and on Tearfund’s website. We also appeared on USB radio on 6th February and Ben TV on 7th February.  We look forward to another fruitful year of campaigning as we launch our next campaign on 13th February.  Watch this space!

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V-Day (14th February): Then and Now. Blog by Louise Robertson, Operations Coordinator for 28 Too Many

05 February 2013 Violence against women

Louise’s Blog on V Day was recently published on One Billion Rising.  See it here

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Female Genital Mutilation: A Crime against women. Guest Blog by Abigal Muchecheti, Author and Campaigner Against FGM.

31 January 2013 General FGM

I am writing this article for all the girls around the world who have been genitally mutilated. Culturalists will argue that this subject should be left untouched as it projects and demeans a people’s culture. To such people I have this to say – FGM is a cruel, inhuman practice that not only belittles women

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In November 2012, the UN approved a worldwide ban on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Guest blog by Wafa Farah, Journalist student at Hull Art & Design School.

25 January 2013 General FGM

The World Health Organisation reports about 140 million girls and women are currently living with the consequence of female genital mutilation (FGM). The practice of FGM  is over a 2000 year old cultural tradition, which requires the cutting or the removal of the external genitals. FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy

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What does progress look like for today’s global female community? Guest blog by Vivien Cohen, 28 Too Many Volunteer

15 January 2013 General FGM

In the fight for global female equality, it often seems that women have been doomed from the start. Blamed for original sin, we were responsible for all the ills in the world. In most religions in fact, women do not come across particularly favourably and, considering that for millennia it is organised religion which has

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What was your New Year’s resolution? We have much to be grateful for in 2012 and are looking forward to even more in 2013. Read below for a review of the year and our plans for 2013.

08 January 2013

2012 has been a busy and productive year with regard to the movement towards ending FGM. The UN annual report released on 6th of February demonstrated that the cultural trend toward FGM is in fact decreasing.The report stated that since 2011 around 2,000 communities in Africa have abandoned FGM, while Kenya (through the passing of

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