FGM in the media

“The Cruel Cut” – a review of the groundbreaking documentary on FGM by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen

29 November 2013 FGM in the media

28 Too Many volunteer Vivien writes about The Cruel Cut. A new documentary about FGM in the UK shown on Channel 4 television on the 6th November 2013. The film follows Leyla Hussein, an FGM survivor who now campaigns to end the practice, support survivors and protect other girls from having to face the often devastating consequences of FGM.

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"I will not be cut! You will not cut me!" - a blog by 28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen reviewing the film "I will never be cut"

06 November 2013 FGM in the media

28 Too Many volunteer Vivien Cohen reviews the film "I will never be cut" by The Guardian Global Development, which looks at FGM in Kenya and highlights how girls and campaigners are trying to change attitudes and end this cruel practice.

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Navigating the world of publicity: a challenge for anti-FGM campaigners - guest blog by Marianna Ryan

16 October 2013 FGM in the media

A blog by 28 Too Many supporter Marianna Ryan for Blog Action Day 2013. In this blog Marianna discusses the challenges faced by campaigners in communicating and engaging audiences whilst staying true to their values and respecting the causes they represent. This is a particularly difficult for anti-FGM and other campaigners who want to promote respect for human rights and protect the dignity of those affected by violations of their rights whilst dealing with very sensitive issues which can easily lead to shocking messages.

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There is hope: a review of the film "The Day I Will Never Forget" by 28 Too Many supporter Helen Harwood

04 June 2013 FGM in the media

A review of "The Day I Will Never Forget", a powerful documentary by acclaimed film maker Kim Longinotto follows a number of women in Kenya around the theme of female genital mutilation (FGM).

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FGM in the UK as portrayed on ‘Casualty’ – how this helps? Guest blog by Christine Ashley, Volunteer Counsellor, Childline

18 April 2013 FGM in the media

I cannot believe that I had not realised the full extent of FGM until the 28th January 2013! Being a Volunteer Counsellor for Childline we are very privileged to be allowed to attend different talks/workshops and FGM was the topic of one of the many talks I attended. Ann-Marie Wilson, Director of 28 Too Many

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28 Too Many in the media

09 October 2012 FGM in the media

We have enjoyed great coverage over the last few months, spreading our message about the fight to eradicate FGM.  Hear Ann-Marie’s interview with Voice of Russia about charities helping to end FGM, here 28 Too Many was also quoted in an article featured in the Church Times calling for an end of FGM.  Ann-Marie was

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