"That they may all be one" - a blog on the Premier Lecture by 28 Too Many trustee Siobhan Crawford

24 June 2014 Politics

28 Too Many Trustee Siobhan Crawford attended the third annual Premier Lecture with the Right Honourable Lord (Paul) Boateng on Tuesday 10th June. Here is her account of an inspiring evening

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Peers speak out against FGM in the House of Lords: How you can use your voice too? Guest blog by Megan Rowland, Volunteer at HART UK

07 May 2013 Politics

Nearly 30 years ago the British government passed the Prohibition of Female Circumcision Bill, outlawing this practice in the UK. Since then, the FGM Act 2003 had made FGM illegal in the UK. Last Monday (22/04/13), amidst the glitter and glamour of the Lord’s debating chamber, FGM was back on the agenda, as over 200 Peers and visitors listened attentively.

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