28 Too Many appoints new trustees

19 December 2013

28 Too Many is pleased to confirm the appointment of two new trustees to its Board of Directors.

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Press Release: FGM remains a danger for Tanzania's girls despite laws against the practice

10 December 2013

TZ Cover Photo

It is estimated that 7.9 million women and girls in Tanzania have undergone FGM (UNICEF, 2013).  New research for 28 Too Many’s report “Country Profile: FGM in Tanzania” shows that there has been good progress against FGM in some areas of Tanzania but there are still very strong challenges to eradicating FGM.

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Press Release: Female genital mutilation numbers down in Ethiopia

31 October 2013

Ethiopia Cover

23.8 million women in Ethiopia have had female genital mutilation (FGM) which makes it the second most affected country in Africa for FGM. However despite the fact that FGM is widespread and is practised in the majority of regions and ethnics groups, research by 28 Too Many finds that attitudes are changing in Ethiopia and progress is being made to reduce and eventually eradicate this harmful practice.

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