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Country Reports

Burkina Faso

We are pleased to publish our new report from Burkina Faso which we hope will improve understanding of the issues relating to FGM and help those working to end the practice.

The Psychological Effects of Female Genital Mutilation: Research blog by Serene Chung

A research blog by Serene Chung which investigates the psychological effects of female genital mutilation (FGM) within migrant communities in the United Kingdom. Considering avaiable literature and interviews with experts, Serene analyses the psychological disorders suffered by the individual, considering their migrant cultural identity and also considers the psychological impact of FGM in the context of relationships between the women and their spouses or families.

Campaign update by Anna Sørensen

28 Too Many volunteer Anna Sørensen summarises the latest developments in the global campaign to end FGM.

Working locally and globally to end FGM: Campaign update by Anna Sørensen

An update on recent news, events and progress in the global movement to end FGM by 28 Too Many volunteer Anna Sørensen.

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